Monday, September 13, 2010

1st Time Momma Freak Out :-) w/ Super Baby


1st time mom freak out. :) I didn't even make it a week. LOL Last night she screamed her head off and I balled my eyes out. Not out of frustration or sleep deprivation because it seriously hurt my heart to see her so upset. I really thought she had a tummy ache (actually I'm pretty sure she did).

Long story short: I thought she had a super tummy ache by her behavior. Over the course of the day yesterday she started to get a little fussier and blowing diapers up like crazy and feeding as though she were never going to get milk again. We waited over night to see how she'd do and I decided this morning that we needed to see a pediatrician. So I called someone off our insurance list that got the highest rating available and an education from a school we approved of :D lol Anyway, they got us an appt for 2 hours out.

I explained all of her symptoms to the doctor, and since we were seeing the doc anyway, I also provided a list of other things I had noticed and needed reassurance was just normal for a newborn. You know, since we were already there :-) Anyhow, so he examined her after listening to all the symptoms we described and he said that she might have a little reflux but that really what we had here was a RECORD BREAKING 5 DAY OLD. Yup. Those were the exact words that came out of his mouth.

Everyone keeps telling us that she is so alert for a newborn and that she doesn't look like a newborn. I keep replying, jokingly, that it's because she was so late coming out, she's really much older. hee hee!

K anyway, so the doctor confirmed that today. He said he has never seen a newborn as alert as Jocelyn. Or as strong!! He was a little shocked and his reaction cracked me up. She already holds her head up on her own, she's been trying to do this since within an hour after she came out. I swear!! I knew that was advanced, but thought it would take awhile for her to master. She kicks and throws her hands around like crazy and is very very strong and has a super strong grip. Dr said he wouldn't have expected all of this at her 2 week appointment even. Then he laughed and said "You guys are gonna have your hands full!" lol She also was 7lbs 13 oz, so still very very close to her birth weight. Dr said it usually takes most babies 2-3 weeks to reach their birth weight but he now expects her to be 8 oz over her birth weight at her 2 week check up. He said she is hungry and feeding a lot because she's so active and burning a LOT of calories. Obviously she's blowing up diapers because she's feeding a lot. He said he wouldn't be surprised if I was feeding every hour to keep up with her level of activity. Well it's true!

So pretty much we have a super baby on our hands :-)

All I have to say is: I TOLD YOU SO. I knew she was super active and nutso in the womb :) lol Now she's just confirming it to everyone, she really was kicking the crap out of me. :) But I loved every minute of it!

K now you guys are gonna be sick of me. You can pretty much expect to see baby pics like nearly every day. :) We're very proud parents!

I always rolled my eyes at the parents that said how cute their own kids are, and now I'm one of them. So roll your eyes away because my baby is SUCH a freakin cutie pie!!


Lizzie Fish said...

Keep 'em coming, girl! I love cute baby photos!!! She's so awesome - she waited long enough to get out here and now she's ready to take on the world! SOOOOO happy for you!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Yep! I did it! But I was talking about my grand baby lol Joy was the same way, very alert, holding her head up early, she was even standing in my lap when she was about three weeks old. So happy for you and hubby :)