Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Diaper Choice

The majority of my friends and acquaintances recommended Pampers Swaddlers for newborns. We had a couple of packages from the baby shower and also bought a package. They leaked SO bad!!! I don't how many times we had to change her outfit and wash the bassinet sheets because the diaper didn't contain it all. So we switched to Huggies and so far so good!! They fit better and not a single leak yet!! I was just surprised because so many people recommended pampers over Huggies.

Okay, so totally random and vain/superficial whatever. But I'm SO excited and just have to share.

I have been shocked at how quickly my tummy disappeared. It's completely gone! I still have weight to lose and the only pants that fit are my maternity pants, so that's what I've been wearing, but I fully expected to have a 6 month prego belly for weeks/months. I fully expected that I'd have to bust my butt to work it off. I think it's because I busted my butt before I got pregnant, and though I didn't work out through the pregnancy (though I had every intention on doing so lol), I walked a lot. It's the only thing I can think, because I do not have genetics to thank. Anyway, I'm super excited about this, because as soon as I'm given the okay to start working out, I plan too, but I won't have as much to do as I'd anticipated. So maybe I can get in even better shape than pre-pregnancy. YAY!

3 more weeks and P90x here I come again!

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Tanisha said...

Also your nursing that helps to shrink the tummy(uterus) swelling. Not sure how that works exactly but that helped, plus with you being fit before you getting pregnant was a plus too ;-)