Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sorry, but every new mom wants to do it right?

I have a 10 day old that only wakes twice a night for feedings and diapering. Insane right?? She sleeps all the way until 2:30 and then wakes again at 5:30 as daddy's leaving for work. I still can't get over it myself! And she lets out little whimpers, fussy sounds but no screaming. Now...during the day? That's a whole different story :-) She doesn't sleep for very long increments during the day so she let's me KNOW when she is hungry. Actually she lets the whole neighborhood know when she's hungry :) lol And she's still eating like every hour and half, which goes by super fast, especially when we're out and about. (Which we have been with my parents here). And I really really don't mind.

Baby blues? I know it affects 60-70% of women and everyone told me to expect it and I've read about it. But I have no idea how I could possibly feel blue about anything. I just absolutely love and adore her. Fussiness and all!

Daddy's back to work now after a week of vacation. :-( *pout*

And totally random! I lost 23 lbs in the first week!!! I assume all due to breastfeeding, freakin awesome right?? I'm totally excited about that. I thought I'd be sporting a 6 month preggo belly for months. I'm still super paranoid about the little jiggly belly that's there now, but I'm SO SO grateful that that's what I'm left to work with. I can totally bust my hiney and work that off! As soon as I'm given permission :( It's really hard to wait. However; I am still in pain, so I probably wouldn't be making any small attempts just yet.

So alert this morning!

Yoga baby?

Sleeping in her bassinet, it just cracked me up.

SOOOO cute right???

Napping with grandma

Posing with grandma

Hanging out with grandpa

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