Thursday, August 26, 2010


Mike finished the moulding today!!! So now the nursery is mostly finished!! I think I overdid it a bit with all the wall decals, so I just need to figure out which ones I like and which ones to take down.

I LOVVEEEE the cherry blossom tree behind the glider. But the quality sucks huge. It won't stay on the wall and I'm constantly having to put it back up.

Anyhow, it's FINISHED! Just some tweaking to be done. Like I'm also not so sure about the bear rug. It might look better in the guest room where the furniture is white. Also need to figure out what stays on the dresser.

K enough talking, here are some pics! (Apparently Mike wanted the name to be a secret, so he didn't want me to post pictures of the nursery with her name showing :) Though everyone who reads my blog probably already knows. However, we have made changes)

That's my awesome diaper bag down in the bottom left corner :) Thanks to my brother for sending it to me!


Lizzie Fish said...


What a lucky little girl!!! =)

Marissa said...

Here's hoping that little girl doesn't hate pink.
And it probably won't be that clean again for a long time :-) That rumor about little girls being neat and tidy is just a rumor (As proven by my niece's toy baskets)