Monday, June 14, 2010

SLC Update!

I'm so clever with my subject titles!

Okay SO.


I went to my new OB/GYN today and think I'm gonna love it. I checked all the info on the birthing center at the hospital and it just seems like a perfect fit! They are dedicated to the breastfeeding cause and pledge to bring baby to momma within the first hour after birth to attempt breastfeeding. They also refrain from use of pacifiers and bottles while you and baby learn to breastfeed.

I have also SO been into the whole natural waterbirth plan now that I have options and completely forgot to ask the doc about it today. And it didn't even dawn on me until right this very minute! :(

Anyway, the doc was really nice and said that if I was in town and just wanted to randomly stop by for a visit that I was more than welcome to drop in and see him. I just might have to argue with the front desk, but he would be more than happy to tell them he'll see me :-) I LOVE that! lol

Also, doc says that I am measuring big. Which I sort of knew from my last appointment, but he says at my next appointment that we will either do the ultrasound or schedule the ultrasound to check baby's measurements and sort of see from there. My fundal height was 33cm which means I'm measuring at an entire month ahead.


I think we've narrowed down the house hunt to 4 houses. So we're going to revisit those 4 homes tomorrow and will just make a decision. This trip was a lot more productive as far as seeing homes we'd actually consider than the last one. I'm pretty excited just to get stuff started so we can get moved in! I think Mike is sick of hotel living and I'm sick of being apart. Plus I'm gonna have to start making that 4 hour drive every 2 weeks for my doc appointments. That'll be fun. So we're both pretty anxious to get in a house and are relieved that we've found a few we really like.

The stressful part is choosing. There are 2 that we absolutely love, but we have to pick and choose the positives and negatives. They run pretty even so we have to decide which ones are more important. Of course, we have different priorities: kitchen vs garage, master bed & bath vs mancave, finished basement size and floorplan vs private amenities, etc. :-)

Anyway, maybe we'll have some more solid news by tomorrow! Well, maybe a week after our offer is accepted! :-)


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The Lavallee Family said...

I'm so glad things are looking up for you guys!!!