Monday, June 28, 2010

30 week appointment

I had my 30 week appointment today (I'm 30w4d) and because the PA measured me at 5 weeks ahead (again, sheesh!) they had me run to the hospital for an ultrasound to measure baby. She is measuring right on schedule! THANK GOODNESS!! So today she weighs in at 3lbs 9oz and is still definitely a girl :-) She has about 3-5 lbs to gain before delivery day, so even if she gains the full 5 lbs she'll still under 9 lbs at birth. *whew*

I was JUST finally beginning to figure out how she's positioned in there, though I couldn't know for sure. It was very cool to find out I was right! She's head down, though she's been head down for every ultrasound we've had. I could tell that just because every time she gets hiccups I feel them really really low. And my belly is all lopsided because she spends so much time on the right side. Her spine is curved along my side and her little tushy is pushed up under my ribs, which is where I feel her most often. Pretty cool to actually know for sure where all the body parts are!

OH! And you'll never believe this! Mike told me today that I'm actually nicer when I'm pregnant. lol I'm guessing it's the maternal instincts though the rest of my family also agree for some reason or other, I really seem to be more rational.

And the countdown begins! (as if I hadn't been counting the days already)


Marissa said...

Just wait, the crazy will come. Right about the time to promise her a Porche for her 16th birthday, just as long as she comes out.

The Warren Family said...

LOL It'll probably come LONG before then :-)