Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm fine and baby is fine. It was a very upsetting hospital visit, a very ridiculous long story that I'm tired of telling. Short version: OB tried to discharge me because I was not their problem even though I was STILL experiencing pain. They hadn't even gotten any of my test results back yet and were not going to order any additional tests or consults. To them, the baby was healthy and I did not have an OB issue so therefore I was not their issue. Oh yeah, and they admitted me overnight without me ever having seen a physician. I was in the hospital for 13 hours before a doctor ever stepped foot in my room to see me.

This pissed Mike off and even though he was out of state, he made a phone call to the CEO of the hospital. YES. I said the CEO. lol This cracked me up but I was also so very incredibly grateful. The CEO got a hold of the OB director who came to see me. They decided not to discharge me until they had at least received my test results and then ordered an internal med consult. The internal medicine specialist figured out in less than an hour (including running additional tests) what was wrong with me that no one else apparently could do in the 16 or more hours I was in the hospital before she did my exam. She was the only person that asked me bunch of questions regarding my symptoms and location of pain, events leading up to pain, previous episodes, etc.

Needless to say, I am SO.SO.SO.SO. glad that we are moving and I will be continuing the rest of my care and delivery at a University hospital in Salt Lake City. Even if we weren't moving, I'm not so sure I'd plan to stay in Elko for the delivery.

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