Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Baby

I had my 25 week check up today and asked the doctor if he would make sure I really wasn't carrying twins (jokingly of course) because I'm so huge! My mom is SERIOUSLY concerned about this, she's had dreams that the second baby is hiding, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask for her piece of mind.

I'm still confirmed to only be carrying a singlet; however, the doctor did say that I AM bigger than normal for how far along I am. Finally. It was nice to get that confirmation, I'm kinda sick of people saying "I don't think you look that big" for fear of hurting my feelings. It's annoying. And I'm also sick of "You shouldn't worry about it." I'm actually NOT worried about it, I just find it curious and slightly amusing. Anyhow, so he says I am bigger, gives me a simple explanation after reviewing my chart and then says to expect to give birth to at least an 8lb baby. Sounds like she's gonna be a big girl! Now imagine if she comes late....yikes!! I was kind of hoping for closer to 6 pounds :-) HA!

So here's 25 weeks:

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Lizzie Fish said...

but it's such a cute belly! even if it is measuring 'big' =)