Thursday, January 26, 2012

Doctor Update

Alright, so I thought we had J's tummy issues all sorted out finally and was so excited about it.  Not so much excited that we had to avoid dairy, but feeling like we finally had an answer.  Well, that good news only lasted a week and then everything just went right back to "normal". 

Last night was horrible and I finally called the dr again this morning.  I have been so frustrated and last night got so emotional about it after googling all the possibilities.  Bad call momma.  Google is a heaven send sometimes and sometimes the worst resource ever!!!!  THIS is why we pay the DR's big money, see what happens when you leave us mommas to do our own research?  We're left with google :)  I couldn't sleep last night after imagining all the worst possible scenarios and kept my notebook on hand to write everything down so I wouldn't forget to take it with me this morning.

Here's a quick rundown:

Dr. ordered a full blood panel, to include testing for Celiac Disease. Gave me some sort of antibiotic (I believe) to kill anything that MAY be present in her colon if that is the cause and also referred us to a GI specialist.

After the appointment, we headed straight to the lab.  Oh my heavens.  It took them 45 minutes to draw blood at the lab because they couldn't find a vein. She got poked so many times I can't believe she wasn't screaming. They poked and prodded and poked and prodded and poked some more.  It was SO hard to watch them stick the needle in so many times and then move it around like that.  You guys...she didn't even make a PEEP.  Didn't flinch or even move an inch until they were all done and then she started crying.  Even then the crying only lasted like 15 seconds, but it was heart breaking.  They had every available phlebotomist, including supervisors, there to try and tap a vein.  Actually, I'm the one that balled my eyes out, and she was totally fine.  She was SO good, just sitting there all cuddled up against mommy letting them hold her arm and go to town with the needle. 

You will LOVE this part: All of the techs agreed that she was the most mellow baby they had ever seen!!!!!! LOL LOL OMG I was cracking up. If they only knew! Though, in her defense, she is always super duper quiet and cooperative at dr's appointments. I think it's just having a stranger in her face doing stuff.   But it's still funny to hear someone tell me that my baby is any kind of mellow!

Anyway, the results are supposed to be back by Monday (hopefully).

I called the GI specialist on the way to the pharmacy and they told me the earliest available appointment was late March. She started asking me a ton of questions and suddenly there was an opening available for next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully this is the beginning of getting some answers. Seriously that guy is awesome. He told me that if I needed to call him every single day, even for nothing more than peace of mind or somebody to talk to, that I was more than welcome to do so and he would speak to me personally. AHHHHHHH, I told him that we were soooo grateful to have found him.


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