Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 6, Day 3.

So last week we had a Christmas party in SLC for the Railroad. It was fun. Mostly just to get out of town and go shopping, eat good food and get all dressed up! Also, it is SO refreshing to see people dressing fashionably. Cute shoes, trendy sweaters, awesome bags...everywhere! In Elko, if I dress up..??!! Everyone stares. I mean everyone, they look at you like you're crazy and like its obvious you're not from around here. I hope its always obvious that I'm not from around here. Because if I DID fit in??? I think my friends might disown me ;) ha!

Anyway I'm off my point. I was SO good about working out in the hotel and not missing my P90X workout. I brought my dvds and weights with me so that I wouldn't have an excuse! And then I got home and was just exhausted that I crashed for 2 days. In the last week I have skipped 3 days of working out!!!

But tonight I think I found my motivation again. I had to sit down and go over all the reasons why this is important to me and then go look at pictures :) Of myself and others that have already seen amazing results.

SO. I really hope I only fell off the bandwagon for one week and can stay on from here on out. Though Christmas is coming up....eek. I've been great about working out (with the exception of this week), but eating right? I haven't been so great at. :) tee hee

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