Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have the most adorable husband!

He's been so absolutely adorable and sweet since we found out!! Just hours after I told him, he started peeling and feeding me oranges so that I was getting my vitamin C. I also had somewhere to be that evening and he told me maybe I should have someone come and pick me up (it was snowing out and he had to work). Isn't that so cute!??? And super sweet!

Every day since, he's asked if I've taken my vitamins and eaten any fruit that day. :) And every day so far, he's cut up apples and brought them to me :)

I can't quit grinning and giggling because it's so cute!! And I seriously think its so so so sweet and I absolutely LOVE seeing this nurturing side of him :)

ETA: I forgot to add: I asked him to run out for a couple of last minute groceries and while he was out to also get some fruit. THIS is what he came home with. HAHA!!

I think I have enough for awhile now :)

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The Lavallee Family said...

It's adorable how he wants to take care of you!! And a girl can never have too much fruit. :)