Tuesday, December 1, 2009

P90X: 30 Day Results.

I've reached my first 30 days!! (Well 28, but whatever).
I totally slipped big time during Thanksgiving. I tried to be good, but do you KNOW just how hard it is when there are so many pies, cakes, breads, laying around?? At least the turkey is healthy :)(until I smother it in gravy *sigh*) On top of that I completely forgot to workout. Not that it would have mattered we had company ALL day, so I probably couldn't have slipped it in anyway. So I doubled up and then felt awful for a couple days and had to double again.

SO, what I'm trying to say is...I had a really bad week and am trying to throw every excuse I can at ya :) lol

Here are my before and after pics just from the first month. It's not HUGE results, but definitely enough to keep me motivated. My belly and legs are slimmer and check out my arms!!! I have muscles!!! I've never been toned, so at the end of 90 days I doubt I'll have a 6 pack, but I can't wait to see what happens! Maybe the fat rolls will stay disappeared when I sit :) (Oh yeah....the boobs are smaller too. The one place you wouldn't mind keeping the fat lol)

ETA: If I look PO'ed in the first picture, its cuz I was :) LOL


Lizzie Fish said...


You look GREAT! I can't wait to see your next set. Srsly you looked good in the first set, too, but I can see all your hard work paying off. Great job!

Kim said...


You don't actually know me, but I found your blog SOMEHOW and I'm just amazed at your results.. I'm not sure that you realize how fabulous you look!

I have heard so much about P90X, but I really haven't paid attention at all. Would you mind e-mailing me and telling me a bit more about exactly what I need and how hard it's REALLY going to be?

trying4two at gmail dot com

The Warren Family said...

Thank you thank you thank you!! Liz thanks so much for cheering me on!! It's so awesome and encouraging!

And Hi Kim! I'll shoot an email your way :)

Jinjer said...

Hello, I'm another person that does not know you, but was seriously looking into the P90X program. I came across your blog by searching for P90X results. First, I would like to say...you looked amazing day 1 (before you started-PO'd look or not). Day 30, you can see the results. You look great. However, before I make a serious investment, I was wondering if I could probe your mind on this actual program. Similar to Kim, could you email me to discuss the details of this program? I would greatly appreciate it. Keep up the awesome work. YOU LOOK GREAT!!!

jinjerwelch at yahoo dot com

Miles said...

I thin you got nice results, but honestly you looked good to begin with. I think you were pretty sexy in the beginning; don't go to hard you may loose some precious cargo. Nevertheless the 30 day results are unmistakable; maybe you can take the 60 day pics in the same suit you took your day 1 for better comparison.

keep it up it's inspirational.

The Warren Family said...

Just for future reference to anyone else that visits this post:

I got pregnant 6 weeks in, so I never finished the full 60 days. I do plan on picking it up and starting over again sometime in the very near future. :)

And thanks!