Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Legally Blonde

Had an interview today, it was a group interview which they did not prepare me for. They did say it would be a 2 hours interview, I was like what??? lol

Okay, so they asked a million questions and the next to last question they asked (to lighten things up) was: "What is your favorite movie, and why would you recommend that I watch it?"

So they go around the room and the girls provide very good answers naming great movies with valuable lessons and morals to learn from.

NOW. Let me start by explaining that I don't really watch movies. Hardly ever really, not that I don't enjoy it, but there are just a lot of other things that we do. (And I'm not a fan of movie theaters. I'd rather rent or buy and watch at home). So, I was racking my brain for a good answer or to even think of ANY movie I've seen in the last 10 years :)


Sylvia: "Legally Blonde! Shows you can be intelligent AND still be girly and an airhead"

WHAT???? LOL LOL Oh my gosh. I'm such a dork. Man am I hysterical :)
What do you think was going through their minds?

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