Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Official! (Picture Overload :)

Mike is "officially" home now :) We were keeping things on the DL so that he could take a couple of months off before going back to work. He has up to 90 days, so we wanted to take advantage of that. He'll be heading back to work sometime soon now.

We did a lot of traveling, visiting family and friends and taking mini vacations. You have NO idea how hard it was for me not to want to shout it to the world that he was home!!!!!!!!

So we've been together 24/7 for two solid months, with the exception of 2.5 days. You'd think we'd be sick of each other by now :) I even went deer hunting with him!!!! It turned out to be much more fun than I ever expected, plus it was a good work out with all that hiking. However; I managed to get sick to my stomach and throw up out there. I have a really weak tummy (on all levels) and get pretty bad motion sickness. Well...looking through binoculars gives me motion sickness. He's been making so much fun of me ever since! Apparently I'm the only one that gets sick looking through binoculars. It makes me dizzy, I can't explain it. I have to be sitting or have something supporting my back to look through it. He admits he always thought I was just being a big baby until I threw up and realized I wasn't kidding around :) Pathetic huh? We told a couple of our friends and apparently I'm just a weirdo.

Anyway, I just wanted to make the official announcement! My honey is home and the curse has been broken!!! :)


Here are some pictures from our travels! (We've been busy!!)
Okay, the pictures ended up in all kindsa crazy order. And I dont' feel like fixing it :)

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Lizzie Fish said...

I love all your adventure photos! SO SORRY you had to barf...that's the worst.