Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winter? and Other Random Rantings

I am SOOO not ready for winter. It snowed again yesterday but this time it stayed so cold that it hasn't melted. I actually had to scrape ice off my car this morning.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the snow and cold?

So I need to vent. I seem to have a serious problem with attracting pushy, opinionated and nosy people. I know you all know this. I've mentioned it before. :) My patience for these kinds of people is wearing thin and one of these days I'm afraid I might actually lose it and go off on 'em. I can't stand it when someone interrupts a private conversation and asks about the topic. Or that pushes and pushes and pushes you for information when its frankly none of their business.

On a much happier note. I had a fabulous lunch and Twilight movie date with my knitting group! I had such a great time (as usual) and have made such great friends with a couple of these girls! Yay!


Two Lovers and a Cat said...

Tell the nosey nellies to mind their own biznazz!!!

MDAC said...

wow that is some serious venting. I think there is a little bit of noseyness in all of us?? I think I have the opposite problem- I am so much an open book that I share my goods before someone has a chance to ask about them.....and then I get mad at myself for always sharing too much.

The Warren Family said...

LOL Thanks Lain!!

Mic: Yeah I'm pretty much an open book too. I usually have a problem with TMI and sharing too much :) lol AND I usually have no problem talking about myself, so any nosey questions usually don't bother me so much. Pretty superficial huh? :) However, if I was sworn to secrecy or am trying to protect someone by keeping quiet, or if its about my life and its amdark topic...I tend to clam up and then not talk.