Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Day

Baking bread and well into the 3rd book of the Twilight series! Mike said I was ridiculous. I just started the series day before yesterday. I CAN'T put it down.

And no offense to anyone, but I usually roll my eyes at the people that are into the whole vampire thing. Or even Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings for that matter. Its just never been something that appealed to me.

I have to say, the werewolf part sort of put it a little over the edge for me. But now I know why its all the rave. :)


Lizzie Fish said...

Hahahaha I KNOW!!! And how she just uses it so casually...then there's this line: "just luck and five teenage werewolves" and if I could have torn my eyes from the page I would totally have rolled them.

I'm SO glad you're enjoying this! It's such a nice break!

Did I already tell you about Midnight Sun? It's on the author's website along with lots of outtakes and extras. =)

Paul is laughing at me right now. =)

The Warren Family said...

Awesome, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I love your perfect description "If I could have torn my eyes from the page I would totally have rolled them." ;) lol

And yes!! I've had that up on my screen every since you sent the link! I can't wait to read it! I want to read the entire series though before I actually read it, and then watch the movie.

Have you seen the movie? Please please please PLEASE tell me he's every bit as hot in the movie as he is in my head!! I have very high expectations. :-)

MDAC said...

hey there. I tried to comment several times from my bb but it didnt work for some reason. I am finally catching up from my laptop. I just have to say how much I LOOOOOVE this series!!! I got through the books in less than a week sometime last month. I dont know why I waited so long and felt the need to resist? I was seriously living in Twilight land for about five days and could hardly think of anything but that. Seriously, it warped my brain for a few days.

The Warren Family said...

Mic: YES! Exactly. It warped my mind. Its seriously all I could think about!

Mike laughed at me because I said Cooper's eyes are the same color as the Cullens!!!! He was like ohhhh boy.