Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Very Eventful Weekend

I flew to New Jersey this weekend to see Mike. He had a 4 day pass and it was the BEST visit we've had in a really really long time. I am SO very glad that I was able to go. (Though I got chewed out for taking too much time off)

We got to have lunch with some of his friends, who are a ton of fun by the way! And dinner with Uncle, Aunt, cousins and cousins kids. Then another dinner with dad's cousin and wife. It really is incredible how close the Warren family is. I'm super envious since I didn't grow up anywhere near the Sibley's or Yu's. It makes me really really want that for my kids. Having the same friends at age 30+ that you went to kindergarten with! And having all of your family live within just a few hours of each other and everyone getting together a couple times a year. Its pretty amazing.

Anyway, it was definitely a weekend to remember. Not only for the awesome family and friends but because of a couple of events that you will laugh at. Maybe even cry a little :-) It's that ridiculous. And it only happens to ME.

But first I have to tell you that Mike took me to this incredibly, insanely, ginormously HUGE mall!!! On his birthday :) I'm serious. It could probably compare to Mall of America. I was in MALL HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!

Alright onto the other events.

We went to Mike's hometown and visited his mother's grave sight. Then I really wanted to see the jewelry store where he bought my engagement right. I knew it was very high end and beautiful so was anxious to see it for myself! To make a long story short...we were treated like ROYALTY!!! I am not kidding. It was amazing. I had my ring inspected and they took it back for a cleaning and while we waited, the owner's wife (VP) took us to the other room and invited us to a lunch of salads, pastas, sandwiches and wraps with sodas and palagrino. We dined and then they told us that they were hosting tv interviews that day for customers willing to share their testimonials. They had appointments all day long but asked if they could fit us in while we were there! OMG she was so incredibly sweet and we couldn't say no. So we sat with the camera crew and interviewer and I had to warn them that I tend to giggle uncontrollably when I'm nervous. He just said it's okay, we'll edit the interview down to only 1-2 minutes. What I completely forgot that I also do when I'm nervous is ramble. A LOT. I almost forgot what the question was by the time I realized I was rambling!! AND I was totally yelling at him because he was sitting so far away and then after the interview remembered that I had a microphone clipped to my lapel. *sigh* AND that I had left my sunglasses on the top of my head the entire time. Seriously. Well anyway, apparently these recorded testimonials will be placed on their website and on youtube. They will also choose a couple to run on their commercials. I will not share any of those links with you until I have seen and approved first! :D

Next event I will fondly remember for the rest of my life. We went to breakfast with Mike's dad's cousin and his wife before I was to fly home. After we'd ordered and were waiting for our meals to arrive, I decided to take a little visit to the girls room. No big deal right? I enter and see that someone previously had not flushed and there sat someone else's poop in the toilet. Obviously the first thing I do is flush the toilet! Well it didn't flush. At all. And I needed to go, and the girls at work taught me how to fix the flushing problem. So in my attempt to fix it, I actually flooded the restaurant. I kid you not. The toilet overflowed and you can't even imagine how quickly I bolted for that door and not-so-calmly reached for the lock to get outta there! I sprinted through the restaurant past my table (you should have seen their faces) to let the employees know what had just happened. By the time I turned around there was water covering most of the restaurant floor. And the only thing I could think about were my boots!!!!!!!! And the fact that they now had to assume that it was my poop!!!!! The cousins wife asked if I'd even used the bathroom yet after I explained what happened, and I said no. So at least they knew....but really. Really???? Do you think I had much of an appetite for breakfast? Yeah....no.

So then the last event. Which is NO big deal compared to the above. But anyway, apparently my flight from Philly to Phoenix was booked on regular schedule, but my connection from Phoenix to SLC was booked for the day before!! And exactly how did they think that was gonna work? In 4 years I have never printed my itinerary before I left. But this trip I actually did and thank goodness for that!!

Fun times :-)

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