Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miss Punctuality

So I should probably list *make an attempt at being more punctual* to my list of resolutions. But who are we kidding! :-)

My mom always says I'm going to be late to my own funeral. *sigh* It's not that I don't try, it's just that no matter HOW early I wake up I cannot seem to move fast enough to get out on time. Or I forget things and have to go back in the house like 3 times. Dolce's got the routine down! He knows not to be startled in the morning when I have to run back in because I forgot my cell phone, or my glasses (just in case), or my wedding ring and sometimes all 3! He just sits there with his head tilted watching me run through the house and then back out the door.

Or like this morning! I was actually running (almost) on time and suddenly got really sick to my stomach and had to make an emergency stop. I don't plan these things!!

Or migraines, that happens a lot. And sorry but, I'm not a morning person ANYWAY and when I wake up with a migraine I ain't movin'.

And now I have to feed the dogs in the morning, since obviously Mike can't do it anymore. That always puts me behind, nevermind that I haven't adjusted my alarm clock one bit to make room for that additional 10 minutes I need in the morning :-)

I think that even if I started working at noon, I'd be late. I really don't do it on purpose but I just cannot help myself.

And I know this is really really selfish, and I know that everyone will hate me now...but I hate waiting for other people. I get a little antsy and cranky, so if I show up 5 minutes late then everyone's already there! Okay, you can send me hate mail now. I know. I deserve it. :(

But I still don't do it on purpose :-)


Lizzie Fish said...'s okay! i hope your tummy feels better =)

Fawn said...

Ah, google translator. :) Sometimes I just try to write something out, but don't actually want it read in its entirety. :)

Erin said...

I do the same thing!! I'm ALWAYS late (but never to school meetings--which is weird). And I try SO hard to be on time. I will start getting ready an hour earlier, and yet I'm STILL late.

How are you doing? How's your FIL? How's Mike? Fill me in!

MDAC said...

I used to experience the lateness phenomenon myself.... but somehow having kids fixed that. idk how- in theory it should work the other way? But I am definitly more stressed in the morning becuase of it.......