Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas, Updates and Vegas

Lots to update on.

First of all, you cannot even imagine how unbelievably awesome it was to see my husband. I actually cried when I picked him up from the airport. He laughed at me :)

So Christmas was nice. I still did all the cooking and the turkey turned out AWESOME if I do say so myself! I was totally stoked about that. Mike got me diamond earrings, which I've been dying to have! He got me dangly diamond earrings for our 1 year anniversary and he got me the studs for Christmas for my second holes. YAY! And I got a bunch of other super cute gifts! We're gonna have to start putting a limit on how much we spend because we both tend to ridiculously overboard.

Mike's dad got to spend Christmas with us and then I picked my mom up from the airport the day after! We spent all the rest of Christmas weekend and the following week at the hospital in SLC. So update on Mike's dad. He had surgery and is recovering. It's a really long story, that the family I'm sure would not prefer me plastering all over the internet, so I'll just let everyone know he's got a long way to go but he's making huge progress! He's still in line for a transplant sometime in the next few months and this was just one step to get him there.

And I'm really really really sad because I only got one picture of Mike while he was home :( :( :( Because we were so busy, I completely forgot to even get a picture of the two of us together on Christmas!! *sigh* But here's a super cute one of Dolce curling up on the newspaper he was reading :)

So after Mike left and Aunt Georgia showed up to stay with Mike's dad, I took my mom to Vegas. It's her first trip there so we did a TON of walking and sight seeing. Believe it or not, we didn't do ANY shopping!!!! Okay, well I did almost buy a Michael Kors bag that was 50% but it was hot pink and I already have 2 MK bags that are hot pink. was super super tough, but I passed it up. *sigh* I'm still dreaming about it though. We also had to stop and buy some cheap flip flops because I was wearing what I thought were comfortable heels. We drove through Hoover Dam and visited the Grand Canyon again after 20 years (sheesh I'm old) and came back to Vegas before heading home.

Some random people we ended up eating lunch with! lol

I miss my baby. :(

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