Friday, June 27, 2008

The man that knows it all!

So I had this friend once (well I still consider her a friend though I'm not great at keeping in touch) that really thought her husband knew the answer to everything. If you were having a conversation and a question came up that no one knew the answer to, she would say: "I'll ask my husband tonight. He'll know!" Every single time without fail. And to her credit, there were a lot of times that he did know, but I didn't always believe it because I just did not believe that her husband could possibly know that much about just about everything. Now. I will admit that I was slightly envious that she was married to a man that she absolutely adored and truly believed 100% in. She placed all of her faith in him and never had reason to doubt her darling husband's abundance of knowledge. It annoyed me. I absolutely loved and adored them, but it really annoyed me. They were such loyal friends and took such good care of me and yet I was annoyed at their perfectness and that she could possibly think that her husband truly knew it all.

And I am several years later married to the man that DOES know it all. :-) In all reality, I do now know that I am a slightly extreme version of my friend. Even prouder, even more annoying. Because I am married to the man that knows it all, I tell everyone so. They don't even have to have a question that needs to be answered; I just tell them anyway, in case they ever do have one! I know, this is pathetic. You know what's worse? I actually encourage people to think of some random question just so we can ask and see if he knows the answer. It's like a game...well for me anyway. And I think it's a fun one! :-) Go ahead. Ask a question, ANY question. So I can go home and ask MY husband!


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Lizzie Fish said...

you are so sweet!!!

k but i do have a question. it's about ants. we have three different sizes in our house right now and the bug spray says that it's not guaranteed for a year for carpenter or fire ants. i'm pretty sure the little ones are fire ants because they BITE and it HURTS...but what are the medium dark brown ones and the bigger black ones?

no googling allowed. =)