Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My trip to Lawton

So I'm way behind on posting.

I was in Lawton from June 4-8th for Mary's wedding. My camera died before the actual wedding day, so I only got like 2 pictures in from the big day. Which really sucks, but she'll have lots of pretty professional ones to steal later :-)

This was definitely one of those trips that requires a follow up recovery vacation. Those 4 days were so incredibly packed! I've never had such an overwhelming trip. But I can't say I expected anything less. It's been FIVE years since I've been back home and HOLY MOLY does a lot change in 5 years.

I swear I didn't wear the same outfit everyday! :-)

With Jamel, Tally and her kids.

With the Newtons/Johnsons/Perdieus. My second family, or third or fourth. I have a bunch :-) I still can't get over how grown they all are!

And in the church nursery with the bride just minutes before the ceremony.

Just revisiting my wedding picture with Mary on the last one :-)

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