Monday, May 12, 2008

Our little, and not so little, escape artists!

So, as most of you know, we got a TON of snow in February. I guess the actual wind was more of a problem than the snow as it caused some serious snow drifts. We have a 5 ft fence lining our property and the snow covered about 4 feet of it. So needless to say it was a piece of cake for any of the "big boys" to jump it. What surprised us was that it was the 150+ lbs Newfie that did it! He's fat, he doesn't jump. He throws his upper body over the fence and drags his belly across it to pull himself over. That's how determined he is to get out! So because of our sweet not-so-little Hubie, we had to dig the snow out from around the fence (well mostly Mike did). That didn't work. So then we put additional fencing around the top. That also didn't work. So we bought the invisible fence with a shock collar. WHALA!!!! THAT WORKED!!

Here are a few pictures from that lovely lovely big dig, thanks to my "not so little" escape artist.

**The last three are of Hubie apologizing to daddy. Look at those faces! Hilarity :-) And just an FYI - he's not allowed on the couch! **

So moving on to my "little" escape artist. Everyday last week we came home to Dolce greeting us at the door. NOT supposed to happen. Now, we put him in a 3x3 pen during the day that has his pet pad, food/water, toys, bed, etc. The same week Hubie kept escaping from the yard, Dolce kept escaping from his pen. He's gotten big enough that he can just climb right over the top so I had to get creative and find something to put over the top to keep him in. We have several heavy mink blankets so I just threw one across the top knowing it would be heavy enough that he couldn't lift it. That worked for about a couple of months. He's gotten clever and realized he could just keep jumping enough to pull the corner off just enough to stick his head through and sit on TOP of the blanket and jump off. He had no problem showing mommy just how it's done. I got some great pictures out of it and thought I'd share!

The rest of these are just hilarious! I found these beef basted rawhides without reading the package first. They pretty much stain everything red. So, I'm pretty sure the rest of these will go to the big dogs to eat outside. But he just looks so proud of himself!

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