Friday, May 23, 2008

Carpooling :)

This is my second blog of the day, I know. I didn't have time to finish earlier, so here we go.

Since I've ranted and raved about the stupid snow, you must now know that the windshield wipers on my car don't work. Obviously this is a big problem. Mike made me get up early so that he could drop me off at work on his way in. He goes to work like an hour before I do. Which really leads me to say 2 things.

1. Everyone at work was pretty much shocked, because well, for any of you that know me well...I'm not exactly what you would call punctual. :) So coming in super early? Pretty sure I deserve a raise for that!

2. Naturally, since Mike dropped me off in the morning, I was completely dependent on him to come and get me for lunch. So on our little luncheon I told him that I thought it would be fun if we carpooled everyday! *batting eyes* You should seriously have seen the look on his face! lol I wished I had the camera ready to capture that one. I personally don't see a problem with it. ;) Why is it that men are so opposed to spending some great quality time with their so non-demanding wives!?

And you should know, I ended up driving his truck home. Alone. Guess he made his point. :)

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fawn said...

Don't be sorry. All is well. :)