Friday, November 25, 2011

Recent Milestones

Jocelyn has been trying to eat with a spoon...actually, demanding it. Every meal, she refuses to eat a bite unless she also has a spoon to feed herself. So I usually have one to feed her in between her bites. Tonight, she totally ate an entire meal feeding herself with a spoon. With very few misses and very little mess, I might add. I almost cried, as silly as that may be. It just makes me sad everytime she takes a step towards being a big kid. She hasn't been a baby for awhile already it seems. It's like she woke up overnight at 12 months and suddenly turned into a full blown toddler. It's crazy how fast they grow up!!

She now climbs up the stairs to the playhouse (at home and at play areas) and goes down the slide all by herself. It makes me nervous, so I hover, but she insists and really LOVES going down the slide. Over and over and over again :) She's quite the pro.

She's also really trying to talk. She tries repeating a lot of words that we say, anything she doesn't know how to say still comes out as "dada" or "baba". I really need to write down her list of words. There's a lot that I understand she's trying to say, but pretty sure no one else could make out. Right now she can very clearly say: Dolce (he gets yelled at a lot :) lol), shoes, dance dance dance (accompanied by a little dancing), jersey, fish, bye bye, hi, no, I'm sure there are a few more. Words mommy understands: thank you, doggy woof woof, kitty kat, also a few more I can't think of right now.... And she knows the signs for: milk, eat/food, more, and come.

PaPa bought her an iPod touch while we were in WA. I'm not kidding, just for her. So we put all kinds of kid friendly music, including an album of The Wiggles (which she flippin' LOVES!!) as well as a few educational/baby learning apps (and games). Pretty cool because there's one where she picks a picture of different animals or other objects, it states the name and makes the noise. She loves that one and plays it all the time. Along with angry birds ;) lol She also knows how to play her songs, she almost always chooses The Wiggles or Johnny Cash. :) She actually will bring her iPod to me and (in her own way) request a song. There's a song called "Rock-a-bye Your Bear" and in the song they clap, turn around and say "sh sh sh". She follows along with all the motions and does the shushing. Anyway, she will bring me the iPod and say "sh sh sh" (she does the shushing with her finger in front of her lips b/c that's how daddy taught her :D) and refuses anything until I play that song for her. Today she figured out how to put it on repeat, so it played over and over and over again with her holding it up against her ear listening. Pretty cute if I do say so myself :) This child loves her music! I think she's going to take after her daddy in that area.

And TOTALLY random last comment for this post: My turkey turned out freakin AWESOME yesterday!! I'm totally tootin' my own horn, but it was the best turkey I've ever tasted, EVER. period. Hopefully I can repeat for Christmas and again every year!! The entire turkey turned out moist and juicy (white meat and all) and very flavorful. Mmmm! Eating leftovers will be a piece of cake this year =)

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