Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Updates)

Man, I have a lot of catching up to do. I didn't even realize it's been so long since I posted last.

I don't know how other moms can keep up with a blog. I just don't have the energy to THINK about recapping the day, or week or month to share with family/friends. Did I mention that having a baby totally sucked all the brain cells outta my head? I kid not. She's smart, I think she totally stole what little I started with ;)

Most everyone keeps up with us on facebook, I send quick updates on the spot when something funny happens, but I know we have family that check in on us in here. So in case you haven't already's our udpate:

Jocelyn measured at 99th% for height at her 12 month check up. I have NO idea how she is so tall. We have extended family members on both sides that are around the 6" range. My family is actually taller than Mike's, but not by much. We're all mostly pretty much on the average or shorter than average side. I'm interested to see if she will start leveling off around 24 months as everyone keeps telling me. The Dr told me that would start happening at the 12 month but instead she jumped up a few %s.

I can't believe I never posted any pics on here from her 1st birthday. I take a million pictures, nearly daily, but it just takes forever to get them on blogger. Not a fan of the process, unless it's changed in the last 4 months.

Last week Jocelyn and I went to spend a week with my dad. He just came home from Afghanistan. We had so much fun, and Jocelyn really did so well!! She came down with a really nasty cold just a couple of days before we were to fly, but she still did amazingly well on the flight and every day of our trip. Of course, we always end up running around all day, everyday hitting up spots I don't see out here or just miss seeing over there, visiting with old friends, etc. Basically running PaPa ragged, plus I think just watching Jocelyn run around 24/7 is exhausting to a grandparent. =) Jocelyn, though highly entertaining and so loveable, has a way of draining your lol Did I mention she is a busy little bee? :) Everywhere we go, she usually ends up playing with kids 6 months + older than her. It's SO hard not to be an annoyingly braggy parent, but I try really hard not to be. However, when I was with my's totally a grandparents right to brag. It was awesome :) I could gloat without coming across as the annoying parent because I never had to say a word! :) LOL

So today is Thanksgiving, I think this has been my most challenging Thanksgiving to date. It beats even my first Thanksgiving, but only by just a little bit. I've been cooking the entire Thanksgiving (and Christmas) meal alone for 5 years now. I was really counting on getting up a couple of hours before Jocelyn, so that I could get a start on dinner preparations without the extra help ;) Well things didn't really pan out that way. She decided she wanted to be wide awake and full of energy at 6:15 this morning. The last month or so, she's been waking up between 8-9 and still pretty groggy. She's just like mommy. We wake up a little cranky and need 30-40 minutes before we're actually fully awake. Not today!! LOL I actually tried laying in bed with her hoping she would doze off if we curled up in my bed, but she was all smiles and jumping around. And how could you possibly be cranky when there's a silly smiley little girl climbing all over you? lol You can't, no matter how much you wanna be. Anyway, we came downstairs and she was getting into absolutely EVERY-thing. So I didn't get the turkey in the oven until 10am, which ended up being totally fine since Mike didn't even make it home until 5. My neighbor dropped off some yummy treats and suggested that I throw her in the kitchen sink to splash around in the water while I cook. Why didn't I think of that?? She LOVES playing in water. If this child could live in water, I think she would. So it totally worked for a little while and she got PIPING MAD when I took her out :) lol But I was getting to the point that I had to turn my back a couple of times for a second and that just made me way too nervous. May be okay for a mellow, immobile baby, but not for this little monkey! I say all that, but really, she did AWESOME today. We had a couple of melt downs during the day, but minus the rough start this morning, she was SO good. I was really proud of her. I had to be in the kitchen ALL day basically cleaning up and cooking and cleaning up and cooking some more and she kept herself entertained in the family room for most of the day. AND WITHOUT THE WIGGLES!!

Speaking of Turkeys (sort of), I got a 19.3 lb turkey for just us. I know right?? Ridiculously huge. But it was the same price as a 16 lb turkey. might as well get the big one and find creative ways to eat turkey for a week (or more). Anyone have great leftover turkey recipes?? Guess I'll be spending some time on pinterest :)

I only got a couple of pictures of Jocelyn today, they were all action shots so we don't have a pretty Thanksgiving picture this year. I'm gonna try and get us all dressed up this weekend since Mike has off and get a family picture in. Would just be fun to compare to last years. I'll try and post pictures tomorrow.

I know, super long post without pictures is NO fun. Pictures will follow soon!!! I'll try my best. =)

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