Monday, July 25, 2011


OMG I'm so frustrated. I feel bad that I haven't posted a real blog update in awhile and now that I am it's not a super upbeat one. Pictures really are probably more fun anyway, right? :)

Jocelyn has had diarrhea for nearly a month now. I started out calling the Dr's office when it was just over a week and they told me to wait until 2 weeks. I ended up scheduling an appointment anyway because I wanted to rule out ear infections. Her ears are clear and the Dr said it's most likely just a tummy virus to wait it out. So I waited another week, called back and they made me come back in again. We went to the appt and the dr didn't do a friggin thing. He told me once again to wait it out another week and do a stool sample. Well I brought a fresh dirty diaper with me and handed it over and told him to do it now. They never called me with the results, so I called after a few days and they said all the results came back normal and that "There is nothing wrong with her". Holy moly, I don't think I've been so upset or angry in a long time as I was when the nurse said those words. I said "Well, there obviously IS something wrong with her. SO NOW WHAT??" She was supposed to talk to the dr and call me back. I got off the phone and started crying because I'm so frustrated. Apparently being a 21st century mom means it's your responsibility to rely on the friggin internet and do all the research for causes yourself. Apparently having an M.D. no longer means that you're qualified to provide information and educate your patients.

Anyway, that was Thursday. After spending all weekend asking around for Peds referrals and interviewing friends, I've found another physician to take her too. But out of principle and pure frustration, I called the other office back and left a message saying I'd never received a return call and after nearly a month of dealing with this, I'm pretty fed up with the physicians in their office. They just called me back and you are NOT going to believe her response.

Apparently they have it recorded in her file that someone did call me back on Thursday and left a message. Well this most certainly did NOT happen. Then she continue by telling me that the Dr. wants me to WAIT A FEW MORE WEEKS and then go see a GI. OH. MY. GOSH. I can feel my blood boiling just writing those words again. I'm pretty sure my blood pressure is through the roof. If it was HIS child would HE FREAKIN WAIT THAT LONG??? NO I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The diarrhea is making her poor little tushy SO raw, no matter how hard I try to keep her dry.

We have an appointment tomorrow to see someone else.

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