Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I always imagined that I would find out the gender of baby when that time came. I just can't imagine having enough patience to wait, knowing that option is available! Plus all the practical reasons: shopping for gender neutral clothes is not as easy or as readily available, gender specific is wayyyyyyy cuter, and financially it makes more sense. You can purchase gender specific items as you go instead of spending a ton of money all at once. I have the feeling the medical bills will sort of take over the budget at that point. That and diapers! Plus a baby shower would probably be more fun with a gender in mind, not to mention the ease of shopping for everyone else. Listen to me even mentioning a possible shower :) LOL

Anyway, I said all that to lead up to this. Mike has been on the fence about wanting to find out from the beginning. This really surprised me!! I had no idea he would feel that way, I'm not sure that he did either. So I kept thinking, I have so many weeks to talk him into it, right? Well now I have days that I think maybeeeeeee I could do it. Maybe I could wait. Maybe it would be fun to find out the old fashioned way.

But then I think about decorating the nursery. If it's a girl....I want it to be PINK. I LOVE pink and frilly girly things. I cannot imagine a nursery for a girl that's not super duper girly. I don't feel so strongly about a nursery for a boy. I could go with frogs or monkeys or dogs or sports in green or blue or brown.

So I'm very undecided. I have 2 friends that waited or are waiting. And was told by someone else very close to me that it was a lot more fun finding out in the delivery room with the one child than finding out with the others. My mom and Mike want to wait.

So maybe I could find a nursery theme that will compliment pink just in case?

The other funny thing is, I really really had this feeling that baby is a boy until I started coming up with names. Now I'm not so sure. And Mike seems to think that it's a girl :)


The Lavallee Family said...

Here's what you do...have the doctor write down the sex and mail it to me because I'm dying to know. LOL

The Warren Family said...

LOL Awesome!!! And if I change my mind and DO want to know, I just call you!!!

Sounds like a good plan :) lol

Marissa said...

They have Gender Parties- what you do is have the doctor write down the sex of the baby on a slip of paper and seal it in an envelope. You give the envelope to a baker, who then makes a cake colored either pink or blue. They decorate the cake in either pink and blue, or in gender neutral colors, and you find out the sex of the baby when you cut that first slice of cake and see what color it is.

(UnseelieSuccubus on Rav)

Lizzie Fish said...

and mail me a copy, too. =)

the cake idea is so cute! Then you can have a gender reveal party!!

i have a friend here who doesn't find out before, and she just goes and picks out bedding suites for a boy and girl and picks out the color of paint and whatnot. once the baby is born, then someone goes to get the bedding and somebody paints the nursery with low voc paint...but they have their babies in bassinets in the master for the first few months. it's so exciting!!!

paul didn't want to find out until we were actually IN the appointment, then he changed his mind. =)