Monday, January 25, 2010

Yay!!!! First Ultrasound!

So I had my big OB appointment this morning. They violated the crap out of me but it was all worth it to get to see the baby in there!! :) Unbelievable!

I have to admit, I started getting teary eyed as soon as I stepped foot in the lobby. Mike laughed at me, as usual :-) And then as soon as the ultrasound picture popped up boy did the water works start up! And then I laughed at myself for crying so much and when I did the baby started moving like crazy!!! Which made me cry and giggle simultaneously :) It was just....SURREAL.

Here's the ultrasound of little baby Warren :)

It's not twins!! SO I don't have to punch anybody :-)

Annnddddd....I totally didn't think I was going to post this but I decided it would be fun to see the progression of the baby belly to go with every ultrasound. It's kinda just gross and embarrassing :( But whatever! There's a baby in there :) :) :)


Marissa said...

You're so crafty, you make people :-)

Lizzie Fish said...

It's not gross and embarrassing! You're beautiful! I'm SO HAPPY for you!!! I cried when I heard the girls' heartbeats for the first time...such a sweet moment! =)

MDAC said...

Sylvia, this post was so sweet. It made me tear up a little to think of the wonderful blessing that God is delivering into your life. It must have been so exciting to see your little one on te screen, healthy and wiggling around. I am so happy for you! I love the belly shot too- keep those coming!

Emery and Josh said...

SO Exciting! And your picture is beautiful! You have a baby in there (and you are still so tiny), so nothing to be embarrassed about. =)