Saturday, January 2, 2010


So I haven't had actual morning sickness. I've woken up 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night a little nauseous and today's the first day its lingered all day. Not super strong or anything but enough to be uncomfortable.

And those of you who know me, know how much I LOVE FOOD. It's kind of the highlight of my days :) haha! And today I have no desire to eat. Anything. Food sounds awful and I KNOW there's something wrong with me in order for me to say that! lol I had to force down 1/4 of a sandwich just so I could get SOME protein. I'm crossing my fingers that this will be the worst of it!

Oh yeah and I feel like I'm shedding more!! I'm seeing my hair everywhere! I thought I was supposed to get MORE hair not have it all fall out!


Lizzie Fish said...

okay, three things
1) I lost a bunch of hair with Carly, too, until she was big enough that her little thyroid kicked in. Weird because I didn't lose any with Bree.

2)Get the pills! Order them NOW just in case your tummy feels worse.

3)It is worse if you don't eat. I'm sure everyone is telling you that. Just find something you can handle (for me it was sharp cheddar and saltine crackers and orange popsicles) and just eat it every two hours even if you're not hungry...because you won't be until you ARE and then it's too, too late. Hunger plus morning sickness is a horrible combination.

Good luck! (Get the pills!!!!)

The Warren Family said...

Okay that's reassuring!! I didn't think losing hair was normal. Does that mean I'm gonna have a girl? ;) lol

I finally ate and ENJOYED a grilled cheese. The bread I think helped and the cheese was just yummy. I think we're gonna be good friends grilled cheese and I. And I also ate a couple of apples, I think that actually helped the nausea some! I'm trying SO hard to force anything down every couple of hours its been kinda hard all week.

Thanks for that info and reassurance!!!!!!

MDAC said...

1. Lizzie is totally right about eating helping. If you eat small amounts frequently, you wont have as severe nausea. I had to eat just before bed or in the night once I got far enough along. Usually cereal but grilled cheese or saltines and american cheese seemed to really help so much!
2. I lost hair with each pregnancy. This last pregnancy, it all started growing back in once my hormones leveled out( Olivia was 6 months old) I have a whole second layer of bangs that has been growing longer as it catches up with the rest of my hair. Dont stress about the hair- if you lose some it will grow back, if you gain some, you will probably lose it.