Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling Fat and Wanting Korean Food

So everything I've been reading has been saying that my clothes should start feeling tight already even though there's no sign of a baby bump. I thought that was silly. Until last night.

Mike and I went out to dinner and I realized that this was the first time I've tried to put on jeans in a couple of weeks. I've been wearing my brown cargo pants just because they're loose and comfy every time I leave the house (which hasn't been often). When I put my jeans on, Mike was standing there watching me and he had this smirk on his face!!! lol I'm pretty sure I punched him :) Then he says "I don't think you're supposed to be wearing anything too tight". Thanks honey. So I went through a couple pairs of jeans before I found a pair that fit enough to go out. I think my brown cargo pants will be my best friend for the next couple weeks and it seems I may need to go get another pair. *sigh*

So the in between stage. No evidence of a baby bump (way too early!!) and yet the clothes are already snug. This leaves a barely preggo girl feeling super fat :(

Moving on.

I had another super weird dream last night.

Have you ever dreamed about someone you don't even really know? I did. I know this girl from a distance (in Lawton), she's half Korean also and we share several mutual friends. I'm not sure I've ever actually been formally introduced to her. In my dream, her mom called me and asked if she could make me a feast of Korean food on Feb 12! HECK YES!!

So I woke up thinking about this girl I don't even know and wanting some serious Korean food. I think I'm gonna have get over the cooking smells and make myself Korean food for dinner.

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Lizzie Fish said...

Will you post a non-bump photo? I understand if you don't want to but I hope you're taking them will be fun to see as you two grow. =)