Friday, May 1, 2009

Cold and Impossible

I'm not whining and crying over this. I'm not spending my hours at home balling my eyes out and throwing a pity party. I'm just still shocked. I have to say this has never happened to me before, and it just feels so strange.

So, I got fired yesterday. Wanna know why? Because he said I am "cold, impossible to work with and everyone is walking on egg shells around me." MEE!! He continued with saying that I don't get along with anyone in our office. I said, "I beg to differ, would you like to go take a poll?" and he said (now this is a quote verbatim) "that is my perspective and that is all that matters." I don't freakin kid.

There was one other person to tag team against me and she said she brought me something last week and came back the next day and it was still on my desk. I said, it took me TWO days to get it done and get it to you. She said, and again I quote verbatim, "When I give you something to do, you should push everything else to the side because anything I give you should be your priority!" Take a picture of your expression after you just read that for me, will ya? I'd love to see it.

Okay, so first of all. Everyone that knows me knows that I am not "cold." It's not in my blood for crying out loud!! There was one person I was beginning to not get along with and its because this person has been "cold" to me, not the other way around. But it doesn't matter because she's his bitch. (I can't believe I just said that!) What a coward. And, why, if I don't get along with anyone else in the office, were some of the girls crying when I went to say goodbye? Why was I getting hugs and kisses and phone numbers?

And second of all, what the hell does that have to do with my job performance???

Most of you won't be surprised, because we knew there was a possibility that this was coming for awhile. For altogether completely different reasons. I just really didn't think they would actually go through with it. You know he was a jerk enough to tell me, when I called to tell him Mike's dad passed away so I would be gone for 2 weeks, that when I returned we needed to sit down and talk about the possibilities of me quitting? As if I wasn't stressed out enough? Mike is in Iraq, I have a very sick dog, his dad just passed away and now he wants to fire me? That is a man with a very very cold heart. And then he waited 2 weeks after I came back. now that things are settling and I have no reason to need anymore days off, he fires me. Why the hell didn't he just fire me before Mike's dad died then I could have just stayed in slc to help and spend time with him!!!?? Or before I came home from the funeral?

It wasn't just the boss, there was someone else feeding him a line of crap and he bought it and never gave me the opportunity to defend myself. You know what the worst part is? I loved my job. I loved everyone I worked with (minus 1 and the cold hearted boss). I sincerely did. I loved working with all the branches, I loved all the girls in admin from every department. I actually genuinely loved what I did. So...I'm sad. And I'm sad that there are people in this world that are that heartless. I'm sad for them. How can they ever possibly be genuinely happy? They made my life miserable, or tried to anyway.

I'm not "grateful" for being fired, but what's worth living if you live your life in frustration or anger because of someone else? It's not. So I'm considering this a blessing knowing that "When God closes a door, he opens a window." These are tough times, but Mike and I are alright. We're both safe, healthy, happy and financially secure.

The best part? I have a great husband who loves and supports me. He's been so encouraging and great through all of this.

As horrible a situation as this is, I have to laugh. I mean really? Could their reason for firing me be any funnier? And now they're gonna have to scramble around trying to figure out how to do my job.

I also know there's a possibility that one of the 2 may find my blog. And you know what I have to say to them? I'm sad for you. I'm sad that we couldn't be adults about this and handle it a mature way. I'm sad for your family seeing as you have no heart. I'm really really sad for you. And grateful for my own life and my own happiness.


Fawn said...

this happened to me, too. just about two weeks ago. mine had been coming for a while though. i'm sorry you're in that situation. you're in my thoughts and prayers. love ya babe.

The Warren Family said...

Thanks and I didn't know that! I told Mike its somewhat humiliating. But he told me I didn't do anything to be humiliated about, so I'm just trying to remember that :)

Love ya

Lizzie Fish said...

Sylvia! I had the SAME thing going on in Texas right before I ran away with Paul...if I hadn't quit I would have been fired! And I understand how you could feel humiliated even though you KNOW you didn't do anything wrong. I'm just glad you're away from those toxic people!

I love your yoga post, btw. I had this one teacher once who used to tell us all about how she used too much lotion and that's why she was slipping around her mat. Uh, gross!

The Lavallee Family said...

I'm sorry all of these negative events are happening to you and all at the same time.

I'm sure you will find another job that will make you happier and being happy is what matters most.

I transferred departments back in Aug b/c my boss sucked and now he has to report to me for his groups risks. Too funny!!

I'm thinking of you and hope your baby gets better.

Anonymous said...

I forgot you had a blog until you told me on Friday. Any employer will be lucky to have you. It feels really weird without you here.

The Warren Family said...

Thanks you guys!

Liz, it cracks me up that you said "before you ran away with paul :)"

Melissa, I know! But I'm surprised at myself. I'm not a pity party girl naturally anyway, but still. It's kinda been a crappy year and I'm still a happy girl!

Rosalie, I miss you!!