Thursday, February 5, 2009


Is having a HUGE SUPER DOOPER sale. I kinda bought a lot. Like a lot. Like they have bras in my size for $15.99!!! So go jump on it. I'm sure most of you get the emails, but if you're like me I usually just delete them and move right along. Plus most of you probably actually HAVE a VS store nearby. I'm not so fortunate.

Plus the B&B Works sale that's been going on forever. These people are going to make me broke :)

So I started a beginners knitting group at my house on Tuesday nights (I know so random). I'm actually teaching a few girls how to knit and we just started this week. I know most of you think its hilarious that I knit, but it is therapeutic on so many levels. And with Mike gone, I need that :) There's just something about knitting and being in a knitting circle that just ups the level of comfort, even with strangers. It's our own personal therapy session. Women find things in common and spill their guts if they're burdened, laugh if their happy and share their stories. Either way everyone walks away feeling completely encouraged. So really, its more than just knitting. Grab a cup of tea (or wine whatever), come take a seat and just enjoy the company while you knit all your troubles away :)

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