Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine Flowers and a Stray

I know I'm over a week behind on posting a picture of my valentine bouquet!

And then the Stray. So this dog just showed up on my doorstep and decided to make himself at home on our property. He stayed for 2 days and I finally brought him in with my other dogs so that I could feed him. He had a collar and no tags. I kept him and put fliers up around town so that his owners could come and get him. I even took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped (all of our dogs are). They scanned him and no chip. Also not neutered!! Well needless to say, I grew very attached and when his owners called I was kinda sad. Especially since they didn't even know he was missing. They have him tied up on another property where they're currently building a home and only check on him once a week. When she came to get him he wouldn't even go to her when she called him, he came to me instead. It seriously just about made me sick to have to give him back to owners that neglect him. And he's BEAUTIFUL and such a sweetpie! Plus the owner told me he's already 10 years old. Isn't that just awful? :( I'm really sad. A couple of my girlfriends said we need to plan a "covert operation" and plan a rescue mission to steal him. lol


The Lavallee Family said...

Those flowers are beautiful and so is the stray! There is one way to really get on my bad side and that's animal neglect/abuse. I say put the covert operation in place. I'll fly down to NV to help. :)

The Warren Family said...

Oh yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I know me too. I've been sick to stomach over it. I drove around looking for the property and the dog with no luck so far.

And yay you have a bloggie! I did not know :)

Two Lovers and a Cat said...

I LOVE the tulips! And the doggie wanted to stay with you, you can see it in his eyes! :(