Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Dresses

So here are pictures of the dresses that Mike sent to me:

I know the one is a little revealing, I wore it out to dinner the other night but was sure add a cami underneath. He did a great job huh?

I love gigantic earrings in case you couldn't tell. :)


Lizzie Fish said...

those are CUTE. i love how they are all so different =) and your hair is great =)

MDAC said...

Mike really has your tastes down pat! I love the earrings( i am fond of big earring too but cant wear them to work :( )
and I also love your hair! You went back dark- looks great- and I just went light again- so funny!

The Warren Family said...

Thanks ladies! Yeah he's really great about picking things out!

I'm getting used to the hair, though I think I'm still ready for it to grow back out :) But thank you!!!

Jong said...

I see a pair of giganitic somethings and they are NOT earrings! man you guys are cute =)

Fawn said...

Those are great dresses, and you're looking super hot!


Two Lovers and a Cat said...

Yep, he knows what looks perfect on you!