Friday, October 17, 2008

I = Lame

The local POW*MIA guys are throwing a going away party for Mike this weekend. I think it's very sweet and thoughtful of them. I had already sent out the invitations to everyone and after talking to Mike realized we hadn't included any of our neighbors.

Well...this is where I am lame. In the 2.5 years we've lived here, I've only met one of our neighbors. And the only reason I know them is because their dog used to run away and come to our house all the time and when Hubie kept running away last winter he'd go over there. So we became friends over the doggies :-)

Mike, on the other hand, has met several of our neighbors. Funny really, considering he's the quiet one and I'm the social one. Actually I get really shy and intimidated when I meet people for the first time. Or if I'm forced to introduce myself. I know it's silly, but you can hear my heart beating a mile away.

SO. Last night I went to the neighbors that Mike's gotten to know fairly well and had to introduce myself so that I could invite them to this party. AND They are THE nicest people. Ever. I ended up sitting at their house for over an hour just finding out all the things we have in common. So now I'm sad that I didn't introduce myself sooner, but seriously they were so incredibly sweet. And I'm SO glad I sucked it up and did it because I feel so much better knowing them and knowing how nice they are since Mike will be gone. It's nice to have nice neighbors!

There are a couple of other neighbors, right next to us and diagonally to us that are younger. Our age or even maybe a few years younger. They both have a toddler and a baby, both cute skinny blondes and I'm too chicken to introduce myself. So go ahead and agree that I. am. lame. :-)


MDAC said...

i disagree that you are lame. I meet new people EVERYDAY at work and carry on coversation after conversation and yet, when it comes to meeting neighbors, I too am incredibly shy. It takes me a long time to warm up!

nemeam said...

You are not lame! and I love your new do. You should find some way to meet them that isn't so scary though. Maybe put up some trick or treat decor, and turn your light on. When you see them taking out their little, just pop out your door with a basket of tot friendly goodies! ;)