Thursday, October 2, 2008


So I receive a packet in the mail with a family resource guide and instructions on what to do to receive military benefits and I.D. card.

I call the number they provided to "ensure" that dependents are enrolled in the DEERS program and found out you can't actually get enrolled just by calling. For one, the information provided is very misleading as it only provides this phone number to "ensure" of our enrollment and nothing about the fact that this enrollment has to be done in person. So after I discovered this, I asked if any of these offices were open on the weekend and she provided phone numbers to the 2 nearest facilities so that I could call and get their office hours.

Office #1: She is helping a customer but if I want to wait one moment she'll be right with me. So she comes back and I ask what their hours are and explain that we live FAR. She said they're only open Monday through THURSDAY!!!!! Thursday people and only from 7-4. So I mentioned to her that I was also provided a phone number to another office in Utah and have no clue where it is and asked if she happened to know their hours. She said "Oh, we all work 4 10s, so they're only open M-Th as well."

Nice. 4 10s and they're only open 7-4. So let me recap my frustration here.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Warren.
Welcome to the army! Mr. Warren is being called back, most likely to deploy, and in order to receive your benefits you must enroll in person, both parties present. Our family readiness programs will do everything they can to assist you; however, you must travel 200 miles to the closest location in order to receive their help and only during the hours of 7-4 Monday-Thursday. We will do our darndest to provide as much inconvenience as we can while we understand that your emotion levels are off the charts.


Let me explain here's not taking much to make me cry these days and this. Well, this was just all I could take for today. I should have waited till I got home to call.

OH BUT WAIT! Then their offices would have been closed.

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fawn said...

you're in my thoughts, friend.