Monday, October 6, 2008

The Bestest Husband Ever

So I have the best husband ever! Which I'm sure by now everyone knows! :)

We were in SLC over the weekend to get some good quality time together and have some fun. He took me to a COACH store and said "Go pick out your anniversary present." Now I have to tell you, that's a pretty brave thing for a man to do! It did take me a little longer than he probably liked, but there were too many choices!!! And I was struggling between 4 items. He finally asked me to please pick out a leather purse this time because it seems senseless to him to pay that much money for a (signature) purse if it's not even leather :) So I agreed. He and the sales lady helped me pick this one out. Apparently, it fits my personality :)

And THEN!! I got a huge surprise around 3pm today when a HUGE bouquet was delivered to my office!! I mean seriously, the hugest bouquet I've seen outside of a funeral! And it is beautiful!!!! Every flower is fresh and gorgeous and I can't believe not ONE of them is bruised. Look at the size of that thing compared to the door. It's huge. I almost cried as soon as she put it on my desk, then my office was bombarded with all of my coworkers and scared the tears away.

It's okay if you're jealous. I would be too :-) tee hee!

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MDAC said...

I have to say that THE purse is definitely your style. The color especially! Love it!
Got to call it THE purse becuase it is just that snazzy!