Thursday, March 15, 2012


So Jocelyn has been to gymnastics 4 weeks now and she LOVES LOVES LOVES it.  So does mommy :)  Though I have to say, after the very first class she spent that entire week literally "practicing" everything she'd learned.  Mike looked at me and said "Yeah, maybe gymnastics isn't such a good idea afterall." LOL  Oh my heck, seriously.  This child...

Mike was bugging me to take pictures, but it's REALLY hard to get pics at gymnastics when we're constantly moving.  Yesterday we had a substitute coach, so it wasn't nearly as structured as usual and there were also more kids there.  So I was finally able to get a bunch of pictures while the coach had Jocelyn.

There were 4 kids this week, so far the other 3 weeks it's just been Jocelyn and one other boy.  She is the only girl in this class, the youngest and the BIGGEST! lol  It's SO funny to see her running around with 3 little boys that are older and all 4 of them are exactly the same size.  Teeny little boys and a giant little girl.

Sliding into the foam pit
Balance Beam
Kicking ball off the cone

I just LOVE this little face!!

Back into the foam pit
They get stamps at the end of every class.  Jocelyn RAN to the cabinet when she saw the coach heading that way, sat down, pulled up her pant leg and waited SO patiently!
SO fun!!

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