Friday, February 17, 2012

She's Growing Up! (picture overload)

She has a baby of her own :)  Yesterday watching her take care of her baby doll just melted my heart!  Oh my gosh, it was SO sweet watching her be so sweet to her baby.

Valentine's Day

Princess shoes =)

Hercules?  Zena?  Grandma says Mighty Princess :) lol

The shopping cart is now a pram

Trying to put a diaper on her baby

Still trying...

And trying some more....

She finally gave up and decided baby just needed to go on the potty :) lol

Reading her a book

More story time

She was rocking the baby and patting her little tushy, omg this was so stinking cute!!

She was really missing daddy on this day, calling out for him all day.  Then she finally climbed up to reach for daddy's picture and was talking to his picture :)

Mommy's shoes

Foreshadowing of our future?
Talking on the phone, listening to iPod, totally just chillin' in her chair :)

No more crawling up stairs, we walk up them like a proper girl.  *sigh*

Crazy child and her love for slides!

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