Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy Weekend

Mike bought tickets to go watch the NCAA gymnastics meet, Utah is ranked #1.  He really wanted to take Jocelyn :)  I thought that was insanely cute, especially since we all know there's NO way Jocelyn will sit through a couple hours of anything and a little young still to understand what's going on.  :)  But I totally wanted to go and actually she did AWESOME for the first hour and half (we got there a little early).  She was SO stinking cute, clapping and jumping up and down when every one else was cheering :)  I should have gotten video but didn't think of it.  I did get a couple of pictures of baby and daddy devouring some popcorn while mesmerized by the amazing gymnasts.

Mike and I have been looking into all the facilities that offer gymnastics for tots, hoping to start Jocelyn somewhere in the next couple of months.  HOLY MOLY it's expensive, but we think it would be worth it.  She's a little crazy ;) LOL

Then Saturday night...................................WE HIRED A BABYSITTER.  I had SO much anxiety over this, like seriously you couldn't even imagine.  I think this is also party why I was so emotional all weekend.  I left her once when she was 3 months old, but she was small enough then not to really know so much what was going on.  I left her one other time, but after I'd already put her to bed so the babysitter just watched tv and kept an eye on the monitor.  She cried her flippin eyes out as we were leaving (OMG which is heart wrenching), but I had the babysitter text me all night to keep me updated and apparently she only cried for 10 minutes (do I believe her? lol) and did awesome all night!!!  The sitter said "she has a lot of energy" LOL  She played pretty hard apparently and didn't get to bed until like 10/10:30 which was totally fine, but funny =)

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