Monday, January 17, 2011

Jocelyn's First Christmas

So this will just be mostly pictures.

I haven't updated on Christmas posts or anything. Sorry.

Picking out our Christmas Tree:

This was the person helping us out with the tree. A little 8 year old kid. lol

Our tree is the giant one in the middle =) I LOVE LOVE LOVED our tree this year!

Posing with the pretty trees.

This is how we got the lights and ornaments up this year! The tree was so tall, I had to get a chair to stand on.

Standing in line to see Santa! (Grandma knit her sweater)

Hysterical because some lady was apparently standing behind me making faces. She succeeded in making daddy smile. lol

With santa. She was sooo smiley and talking up a storm. Of course the camera guy caught her mid smile. However, a minute later she looked up at Santa, stared at his beard, then his face and suddenly wasn't so sure about the whole thing. lol It was really pretty funny :) But she did not cry!

And now a million pics from Christmas. I'm sure they'll be all out of order.

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