Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Milestone

She has been sitting all on her own this week. It's exciting and sad all the same. Part of me can't wait until she's a little more independent because then maybe I can get a little more done around the house. (I know, I know, really I'll just be chasing her everywhere instead.) On the other hand, I want to always have this very cuddly, sweet baby. She puts her little hand on my face when she's sitting with me and buries her little face into my neck, I just love it. I'll be sad when she'd rather go explore then cuddle but I'm hoping I can get some stuff done.

We started her on cereal, mostly for practice swallowing, tasting, etc. I didn't want to even consider solids until 6 months, because they don't receive any nutritional value from it until then, but not everything always goes as planned.

The absolutely HYSTERICAL look she gives me when she is all DONE eating. It doesn't even look like her!! And makes me laugh, which then makes her laugh :)

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