Monday, October 11, 2010

Anniversary and House Pics

Mike and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary last week. Well he was out hunting in Nevada, but we went to dinner when he got home the next day. My mom and aunt offered to babysit if I left enough milk, but I just couldn't do it. Jocelyn is so good when we go out anyway. It's the first time we've been out as a little family and it was nice. :)

Have I mentioned how much I love being a mommy? And how much I adore this little girl? I've always been very happy with my life and the decisions I've made. I've been incredibly happy since getting married (even despite the not so ideal residential location). But I feel like I'm going to burst and overflow with happiness now! I can't describe it, though I'm sure all other mommies out there know what I mean. My life is just so much fuller, more meaningful and validated. And I've never felt that I was missing any of that before I had her! I guess those feelings have intensified and appeared when she did. And when I think about my husband as a daddy, I get teary eyed. It's such a sweet thing!!

Okay, I got off track :) Mike sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses so I took pics to share! Then I realized I hadn't posted any pictures of the rest of the house yet (still) so I'm sharing pictures of the formal living room, now finally all done. Well, with the exception of Mike's Caribou head in the corner and a few things to still put up on the wall :)

Oh, and I threw in a random picture of Dolce watching me from the top of the stairs :) lol Such a cutie!

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Lizzie Fish said...

I am SO happy for you! Your living room looks great =)