Saturday, October 9, 2010

1 Month!

I can't believe it!!! My baby is a month old as of yesterday! It's so weird how it seems like she's been in my life forever and I already don't remember life before her, and at the same time I can't believe she's already that old!

She's still doing awesome, she LOVES to eat and is starting to get the chubby baby look :-) LOL She seems huge compared to a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing how fast she grows, every week I already have a pile of clothes she's grown out of.

She's also quite the show off! She LOVES going out in public. She's always calmest and sleeps the longest when we're out running around. My mom is still here, my aunt is here for the week, so we've been running around shopping and seeing the sites (meaning really mostly just shopping :D). I put her in the baby sling or moby wrap and she cuddles right up and sleeps. I've never been stopped so many times in my life...everyone wants to stop and look at the cute brand new baby. Anyway, she loves it! I'm sure it's just being cuddled up against me and me walking around that she loves, but we've all decided she's already a show off. :)

And she smiles ALL the time and talks to us ALL the time! I love all the cooing and the smiling, it's SO awesome! And she's ticklish! Which is really pretty funny :)

She has not been a baby that loves the swing or bouncy seat, but in the last week she's finally decided it's not so bad. It's the cutest thing watching her in the swing because she watches the mobiles!! Actually we've noticed that she watches the mirror dome in the middle, she probably sees her reflection along with the mobiles. She watches them and smiles, SO cute!! She won't fall asleep there, but she'll play there for a little while :)

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Lizzie Fish said...

Ohhh I LOVE the cuddly baby part! I can't wait to see what happens when she meets some other babies...what a sweet girl. =)

I'm SO happy you're having a great time with your girl!