Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 Month Old Teething?!?

(I wrote this a week ago waiting to post until I could get a picture. Not happening, if you can imagine she doesn't like having her mouth pried open :) lol)

What??? LOL Okay seriously, so far everything my child has done has been much earlier than expected age; ie: smiling, rolling over, holding her head up, attempting to sit on her own, and now teething??

I swear she was born at 2 months old.

She's been a little fussier than usual for the last week and she's been drooling like crazy for a few weeks now. Today, I see a tiny white tooth poking through her bottom gums.

HOLY MOLY. I thought she had all the symptoms of teething, minus a fever. But she's just way too young for that to be possible, so I never bothered to check. Then today she clamped down while nursing and I thought, that kinda hurt I wonder if there's seriously a tooth in there. So I looked.

Let's hope she walks and potty trains this early :-) LOL

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