Saturday, March 13, 2010

15 weeks

Two nights ago I had a dream that I was able to open my tummy whenever I wanted, pull the baby out and cuddle, love and kiss on him/her whenever I wanted!!! That is when I realized I am totally in love with this baby. It was hard to put baby back in my tummy but I knew it was best because baby would be exposed to germs way too early and still had lots of growing to do! But baby would cry everytime I did. And, in my dream, I was SO tempted to see what gender the baby was, but I was good and didn't peak. LOL

It still doesn't feel real that it's a REAL baby in there. I can feel movement every once in awhile and every once in awhile it just hits me. And my tummy is definitely growing (which is freaking me out that its getting big so early, I'm gonna be HUGE!!!!), and I get to hear the heartbeat whenever I want.....but somehow it just doesn't seem possible that there could be a BABY in there.

And I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited that one of my friends from high school just found out she's pregnant too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm laughing at myself because of how excited I am! I know so many girls that are pregnant with me that it's just crazy and amazing. So many girls to share stories with and so many in a close circle of friends, it's unreal. It's really neat knowing that these children will all get to grow up "together" though mostly long distance. However; for some reason, I'm SO super excited about this one in particular :) :) :) YAY!!!!!!!!

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The Lavallee Family said...

Awwwww!!!! This makes me love you even more!! You are much too kind. I'm so glad we get to experience this "together". Too bad we don't live closer so our babies could be best buddies!