Monday, April 21, 2008

Lake Tahoe/Bruce Springsteen

So I'm like 2 weeks behind on posts. 2 weeks ago Mike and I spent an extended weekend in Lake Tahoe. We really had a lot of fun. I still can't get over how beautiful it is there no matter what time of year! We spent a little time by the water and enjoyed the serenity. We drove around quite a bit and, thanks to Mike, we had to listen to a time share guy for a couple of hours. Actually it wasn't so bad and was the reason we ended up taking this mini vacation. Well no, I take that back. Bruce Springsteen was the reason we ended up taking this mini vacation! :)

We drove up to Sacramento on Friday night to see Bruce in concert. I was never a huge Bruce fan and this was my first concert. Sorry, I didn't grow up in Jersey! Anyway, I think this was like Mike's 35th Bruce concert or something like that and I know he had a good time. And I have to admit about halfway through the show I really started to enjoy myself. I think I would have enjoyed the first half a little better had I actually known any of the songs. He put on a pretty good show. Too bad I was too chicken to actually attempt to bring my camera inside. :-) Same topic, different tone: It was kinda sad last week when we heard the news that his organist/keyboardist Danny Federici had passed away. It was kind of an odd feeling to know we had just seem him in concert just over a week before. I can't believe someone could be that dedicated to, or passionate about, his work and music to play when he was so ill.

I have to tell you, this was probably one of our more expensive trips! lol Not only did we go to the concert and spend a ton of money on t-shirts and drinks. Mike got a new rifle from the new Cabelas in Reno. And I finally picked out a new wedding band. Unfortunately for me, I have to take it back.

For those that don't know about my big stupid ring saga: my first wedding band makes my finger blister, crack and bleed. (I know...GROSS!) No one can tell me what it is that causes it. So I've been ring shopping for a really long time and finally just decided to pick one and be done with it. Well I did. We picked out a pave band from Jared's and after having it on for 2 days, it also made my finger blister. Ridiculous. My engagement ring is 14k white gold, and that's what both of these wedding bands are supposed to be. Yet my engagement ring doesn't bother my finger. I don't get it. Anyway, here's the worst part. I took my ring to a local jeweler and talked to the owner/goldsmith. He actually tested the new band that I got from Jared's and told me that it's actually only 10k most of the way around. Only the metal supporting the diamonds is 14k. So basically I paid for more than it's value because the ring I actually got is not 14k all the way around. Nice huh? We'll be taking it back within the 30 day return policy. It's just a PAIN in the neck because we have to drive like 4 hours just to get to one.

Anyway, back to Tahoe. Mike got some really great pictures while we were there. Seriously, if you haven't been, you must. It's beautiful!!

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Lizzie Fish said...

sylvia - my ring used to do that, too! okay, i need to read the rest of your post, because you probably solved the problem already, but i just had to go about six months without wearing it until all the crusty nastiness cleared up and now it's okay...i thought i was the only one!!! back to the story...